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Michelle A.

"I feel back to myself."

"I started coming here a few months after having GI issues that my regular doctor, and even a GI specialist could not figure out. I went in for a CT scan, ultrasound... had all kinds of tests ran, and the doctors could find nothing. I knew something was off with my body. I was scared to eat because of how I would feel after eating.

Joann has been my Practitioner and I LOVE her! Each week I would see her, she would find the problem and assign me the supplements I needed to help me with my issue (along with diet of course), but the supplement she would find to help me with my current issues were like magic.

I am very happy with my results. I feel back to myself. There were other issues I was having that I didn't realize I was having until I started feeling back to myself. I thought my accumulating issues (outside of my main GI issue) were because I was aging, but it had to do a lot with diet.

My sleep has improved. I used to always feel too revved up to sleep. Now, I sleep like a baby and I am able to concentrate better throughout the day as well as have the energy to get through the day. I haven't slept like this in years!"

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Kaylah C.

"...all of my concerns are no longer existent"

"I wanted more of a 'natural' approach to helping your body, instead of going through the many blood work/Food Map diets and lab work that I have done in the past- which obviously did nothing for me.

I met with Joann and she went over everything very thoroughly, as far as what I was looking for, my expectations, and what my concerns were and how it was going to work.

My first appointment was about an hour in a half and I literally walked out wanting to cry. The patience and deep concern she had really made me feel like she was on my side, and no other 'doctor' has made me feel that way.

Along the journey of my 12 weeks, I completely committed to the program. I started taking my time reading labels, took all of my supplements, and really maintained what they recommended. I originally went in because I was sick of feeling tired, anxious, irregular bowl movements and most importantly feeling extremely bloated after anything that I ate.

Flash forward, I am now still going to Natural Healing Center. Because I had such great results, with pretty much all of my concerns no longer existent I am on a what they call a 'maintenance' program.

If you stay committed I really have no doubt that you will have the same great results as I have. I highly recommend!"

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Tyler B.

"I can read my body’s signals with clarity, and lost 15 lbs and 3” on my waist."

"I cannot sing Joann’s praises enough! Every check-in and opportunity I have to speak to her I remind her how grateful I am for her. I came to Natural Healing Center with severe GI issues, stress and anxiety, mood swings, fungal infections, and trouble concentrating. All my doctors told me I “looked fine.” (Wrong!) The tests and procedures they put me through only made my stress and anxiety worse... Joann was the complete opposite. And - bonus! - she actually helped heal me!

...On our first appointment, 18 organs showed stress in my body. Today, just 3 months later, zero organs show stress and I feel fantastic! I feel more vital, I can manage stress more easily, my relationships have improved dramatically, I can read my body’s signals with clarity, and lost 15 lbs and 3” on my waist."

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Carol C.

"After meeting JoAnn and following her advice to the letter, I started feeling better."

"I suffered from abdominal pain, gas and bloating for over a year. I went to several doctors and tried many medications with no relief. I tried the food maps diet but still suffered every day and night.

Finally I found the Natural Healing Center. After meeting JoAnn and following her advice to the letter, I started feeling better. I changed my diet and take supplements. I highly recommend anyone suffering from chronic pain to make an appointment and start feeling better."


Shannon W.

"I feel so much better than I ever have."

"I first came into Natural Healing Center one year ago, feeling tired, unmotivated, years of having digestive issues, and migraines. Joann helped treat me each visit and find what supplements and food worked best for me.

I feel so much better than I ever have. I cannot thank Joann and the staff at Natural Healing center enough for their kindness and helpfulness throughout my healing journey!! Very grateful for them and how good I have felt since coming in."

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Colby M.
"...we have eliminated what was causing all those symptoms!!! I am so thankful for them as I am feeling great!!"

"I was dealing with bad stomach aches, bloating, irregular bowel movements and awful sleep for years. I was tired of taking medication and finally started doing some research for myself on how to heal my gut.

I came across Natural Healing Center and have been working with Joann for the last few months and already feel WAY better. She did the muscle food testing on me and we have eliminated what was causing all those symptoms!!! I am so thankful for them as I am feeling great!!"


Joann Do

Clinical Master in Nutrition Response Testing, Holistic Health Coach, 500 Hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

Joann is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve vibrant health through balanced nutrition and mindful living. She combines knowledge across multiple natural health modalities to create personalized wellness plans that inspire lasting lifestyle changes. Her approach emphasizes practical, sustainable strategies that enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.


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